11 Easy household uses for Cottage Cowboy Essential Oil Blends

11 Easy household uses for Cottage Cowboy Essential Oil Blends

essential oil boiling pot

1. Sprinkle a range of drops amidst lightly simmering water on your stove.

essential oils cotton balls

2. Saturate a handful of fluffy cotton balls and place them in any corner of the home that needs a boost of freshness and air purification.

3. Generously add drops to an atomizer and glorify each room with aromatic mists of Cottage Cowboy Essential Oil Blends.

essential oils rice diffuser

4. For an easy, homemade  diffuser, grab a cup of baking soda or white rice and saturate to your desired strength.

essential oil clothes pin

5. For a portable and discreet freshener, add a few drops on a wooden clothes pin and fasten anywhere needed. Works great in the automobile!!!

essential oil dryer

6. Saturate your dryer cloth.

essential oils vacuum cleaner bag

7. Generously drop on / into vacuum cleaner bag.

essential oils garbage can

8. Before replacing garbage bag, spill a few drops at the bottom of your bin for continued freshness as the bag fills.

essential oils mop

9. Grace your mop bucket with 10-20 drops for wall to wall freshness and purification.

essential oils air vent

10. Distribute freshness throughout the entire home by spraying Cottage Cowboy Organic Essential Oil  Blends into every air filter and vent.

essential oils toilet paper roll

11. Apply drops inside your toilet roll tube during replacement. 


essential oils mask

BONUS TIP FOR MASK WEARERS!!!! Place one drop on the outside of your mask for a fresh, clean and pure mask wearing experience!


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