The Perfect Trio of Essential Oil Blends & How to Use Them

The Perfect Trio of Essential Oil Blends & How to Use Them

A customer recently asked, which 3 of Cottage Cowboy’s Organic Essential Oil Blends should they start off with.

Here is what we recommended:

All of Cottage Cowboy’s essential oils are carefully selected. We then create each blend with the the basic senses in mind: focus, energy/vigor, calm/relax and deep rest. The Cottage Cowboy Signature covers a range of benefits and addresses beauty as well.

However, to answer the question, we would start off with Bucking Bronco, as eucalyptus, spearmint and orange all stimulate the body and senses, increase blood flow, boost motivation and immunity and uplift and energize the whole being.

Secondly, we'd choose Shooting Straight, as it enhances focus and concentration, creates clarity and insight and stimulates alertness and mental abilities.

And thirdly, we would grab a bottle of Calming Sky!  I use this morning noon and night and can’t get enough. Calming Sky soothes the senses, creates balance, reduces tension and is very mood enhancing.

All three mentioned create  and nourish the things that their names suggest. That’s one of the benefits I love about Cottage Cowboy’s Organic Essential Oil Blends!

Regarding the use and application, first test a bit on your skin to make sure they work comfortably with you, then the skies the limit!

I personally keep them in my bag with me all day and live in a world of these beautiful essences. I douse drops on my neck, arms under my nose on my head, just about anywhere and throughout the day.

They are all great for massage and can be added to a carrier oil such as coconut oil and others.

You can splash in the bath tub as well!

Another amazing way to get the essence around you is through one of our diffusers. We have diffusers everywhere and they are always on, as these blends clean the air, help with breathing, congestion, and clear the head too!

On the topic of diffusing: after meals and in the kitchen, I will get a big pot of water and add any and all of the different blends to the water once it gets hot (medium stove setting ) and within minutes the entire Cottage is beautifully diffused with the wonderfully created blends all made by Cottage Cowboy.

They keep the air clean from bacteria and cooking smells.

Please tap each Blend Icon on the website as full information and benefits for each beautiful blend are listed there as well.

We work carefully with with the lab to get the parts of each pure, organic essential oil in all of the blends perfect.

Essential Oil Blends have benefited people through the ages of time and today they enhance the senses, sensibilities, and outlook of people all over the world.

We look forward to your experience!

Please write back and share your delights with Cottage Cowboy’s transcending organic essential oil blends!


Cottage Cowboy The Perfect Trio of Essential Oil Blends

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I just love Bucking Bronco!
It makes me feel good and awesome!😎😎😎😎😀😀
Also it makes me feel super alert!!
Cottage Cowboy is the best Essential Oil producer in the whole universe!!!
Thank you Cottage Cowboy 🤠 for these essential oil blends!


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